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21. - 28. Juli 2018

Musikalische Begegnungen in der Provence

This chamber music workshop at the foot of the Luberon mountain is a pure joy. The participants are generally very proficient musicians so that quite difficult works can be studied. Instruction is on a high professional level, with an ambition to tackle the fundamental issues of chamber music performance : precision, dynamics, colour, expression, leading to deeper understanding of the material and of the activity as such. The constructive yet candid criticism has a long-term impact on subsequent playing back home. I am looking forward to the 2006 encounter.

Stephan Schwarz - Copenhagen - Denmark

Thank you, Philippe, for those magical days – and evenings- where one can be completely serious, frivolous, rigorous, relaxed, passionate. I had dreamed about it for a long time : Schubertiades do exist !

Emmanuel Chavaneau - Angoulême - France

A wonderful setting, where charming people come to work hard, have a wondeful time, and make life-long musical friendships. My indispensable Summer workshop.

Albert Novikoff - New York - USA

I have been coming to this workshop for several years. I appreciate the quality of the musical work accomplished in a very convivial atmosphere. We meet people of all professional backgrounds from all countries. We spend a week of great musical richness and friendship. And at the end of each workshop one says: 'we’ll see you next year'.

Hélène Isoir - Verrières-le-Buisson - France

Besides a thorough study of two pieces with competent teachers displaying a perfect understanding of the high level amateur musician’s standpoint, this workshop offers a session of initiation to contemporary music and also, in a warm and convivial atmosphere, numerous possibilities for spontaneous encounters of musicians who want to share the pleasure of reading chamber music scores.

Jeanne Brulfert - Bures-sur-Yvette - France

Coming from Singapore, Fugues en Liberté was a wonderful opportunity for me to spend some time in a compleetely different cultural environment in a beautiful part of the world. The music making did not disappoint and I was generally impressed with the quality of the participants and faculty. Many people come back year after year, and with the convivial atmosphere and an opportunity to make new friendships with like-minded people, I can see why!

Ronald Ling - Singapore

Pertuis provides an opportunity for amateur musicians to meet in a relaxed atmosphere and enjoy a high standard of music-making with excellent professional teaching. Lunch at the lake – a point in the day where, for an hour or so, the music stops and conversations begin. If you come to Pertuis seeking the typical Provencal experience, you may be disappointed. But if your aim is to immerse yourself in an intensive week of music-making with like-minded amateurs, there is no better place.

Hester Robinson - Frankfurt - Germany


Lunch at the lake

Musical evening with friends

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